Sexual and Reproductive Rights of Women and Girls with Psychosocial Disability

Elimina Shayo (TUSPO) Tanzania
Women and girls with psychosocial disability are denied their rights of sexual and reproductive in different ways;
  • Women and girls with psychosocial disability are forced to engage in sexual activities without their will. For example, unfaithful men force women and girls with psychosocial disabilities when they are in a severe situation. As they are in a bad situation, these women and girls do not understand what happened or even know who engaged in sexual activities with them. Now, it is time to amplify our voices and tell to these men to stop such sexual harassment of women and girls with psychosocial disabilities.
  • In such situations, we have the children in our community whose biological father is not known. I have an example of lived experience from the girl from Kilimanjaro who faced this problem and has a baby whose father is not known. It is time now to make a law which will prevent such situations and ensures making secret ballots for the suspected men to take DNA tests to confirm paternity and so that they can be identified and take the responsibility of taking care of those children.
  • Advocacy in the community is much needed to make sure women and girls with psychosocial disabilities are protected by the whole community instead of leaving such responsibility only to the family members.
  • In some cases, women and girls with psychosocial disabilities are denied their rights and decision of having a baby. The family members make them take the family planning injections without their will. The community should be educated so that they can leave these rights and decisions of having babies on them and not decide for them.
  • In the case of marriage, there are numbers of divorce when women or girls get identified with psychosocial disabilities. They are divorced and denied their rights of having a family and enjoying life, on an equal basis as others.

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