#WhatWENeed Taiwan

#WhatWENeed in Taiwan 1. De-colonization of the mental health sector Taiwan was the first independent, Asian, democratic republic. However, it has had a complex history of colonialism, invasions and occupations by different nationalities (Dutch, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, etc.). \”Taiwan\’s culture and cultural legacy has been largely shaped by the processes of imperialism and colonization as the structural and psychological […]

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#WhatWENeed Japan

Excerpts from TCI Asia Pacific Action in Japan Osaka  – 22-23 November 2017 #WhatWENeed is peer support as community development, not \”mental health care\” Excerpts from \”TCI Asia Action in Japan\”[1] [2] One of the objectives of TCI AP\’s Japan exchange were: To bring a small group of peer support practitioners from TCI Asia membership and

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#WhatWENeed Hong Kong

We Need Full CRPD Compliance in Law and Policy Reforms Author: Disabilities CV Disabilities CV is a new disability rights initiative in Hong Kong committed to promoting self-advocacy among people with psycho-social disabilities, reforming mental health law and policy, and supporting a rights-based approach to public policy development, social inclusion and anti-discrimination. They are currently working

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