#WhatWeNeed Spotlight Interview – Agus Hidayat

The #WhatWeNeed campaign is a yearly campaign organized by TCI Asia to present voices and demands of persons with psycho-social disabilities in the region. The Spotlight interviews are a series of interviews that are going to be conducted as a part of the #WhatWeNeed campaign. The aim of the spotlight interviews is to highlight the efforts of activists and other members who are engaged in the activism and advocacy of the psycho-social disability rights movement.

This week, Mr. Agus Hidayat from Indonesia joined us. Agus is a young disability rights activist. Watch this interview as he sheds light on the challenges faced by persons with psycho-social disabilities, young activists, and the cross disability movement.

Agus Hasan Hidayat is a disability rights activist. Apart from fighting for the rights of people with psychosocial disabilities, Agus is also active in providing mental health education and creating peer support programs for people with psychosocial disabilities in the community, and establishing the Bipolar Care Indonesia foundation with his colleagues. Agus has been a volunteer teacher at two education foundations in East Java, a contributor at the Ragam Institute, and now he works at the Indonesian Down Syndrome Care Foundation with a focus on advocacy and empowerment of people with intellectual disabilities. Agus also has an interest in gender issues and other social movements in Indonesia.

Agus Hidayat